Personalised communication support for
children, young people and adults

We believe that every individual needs to feel valued and safe

We all deserve a ‘voice’ to enable us to communicate and advocate for ourselves throughout our daily lives as much as possible.

What is speech and Language Therapy?

It is about improving communication skills, increasing confidence and enhancing overall wellbeing

As Speech and Language Therapists, we believe that having a holistic approach helps everyone to get the most from our services. We listen to the individuals we work with, so we can try to understand their thoughts, opinions and emotions. When needed we can work together with our wider team at Links Therapy, we would work to create a plan shaped around personalised journeys, goals and targets. We appreciate that we may be part of a wider interdisciplinary team and we believe that sharing information and advice is key to making better decisions and in the best interests of those we support.

Our Speech and Language Therapy team offers support to children, young people and adults in a wide range of areas. This includes support for those around the child, young person or adult (at home, in school, in a care setting, workplace or community).

What does Speech and Language Therapy Involve?

Assessment of communication and eating and drinking through one or more of the following:

Bespoke and individual support as agreed upon and outlined within the plan made during the assessment which may include on or more of the following:

If you would like to hear more about our Speech & Language service, then get in touch today. Our experienced therapists are passionate about improving communication skills & confidence, and enhancing overall wellbeing.