Privacy Policy Privacy and how we use your personal information

Links Therapy Company would like you to know about how we collect, use, store and dispose of information about you and your care.

What information and why?

There are three categories of information that we use.

We collect personal information such as name, address, contact numbers, health information or information about school or workplace. This is to enable us to meet the regulations for maintaining records of our clinical work.

We might collect financial information such as bank details. This is to help us to manage business payments or receipts.

We also collect professional information about qualifications, expertise, insurances and checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service. This ensures our staff are practicing safely and legally.

What do we do with it?

We use personal client information to identify the clinical records of care. This is kept confidential to the therapist and the client, unless the client gives permission for it to be shared, or if there is an emergency and we need to disclose it to make someone safe.

We use financial information to pay our associates and to arrange and manage payments from our clients and customers. This is only used by the directors, our accountant and the administrator.

We hold records of the professional qualifications, insurances and right to work for our associates. This is a requirement of our professional bodies and our insurers. Only the directors and administrator have access to this.

We do not share personal information outside of Links Therapy Company, unless we have the subject’s consent to do so. We would always explain the reasons that we would seek to do this before we ask for consent.

The Data Controller

For the purposes of information security, the data controller for Links Therapy Company is Ann Huc, Director. We are registered with the Information Governor’s Office to process your data safely and legally. As we are a small concern, Ann is also our data protection officer.

Ann’s contact details are:
42 Queen Street, Cubbington CV32 7NA
Tel: 07519 976473
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Data processing for Links Therapy Company Ltd is done by our administrative staff who are trained in data protection and security. No processing takes place outside our company.

Our Associate therapists are data processors on our behalf. We insist that all self-employed associates are registered with the Information Governor’s Office and provide us with confirmation that their information management meets our standards.

Where do we keep information?

We believe that client information must be accessible to that client and their family, so we keep plans, programmes and therapy information in hard copy in the client’s home or school setting.

Our associate therapists maintain clinical notes in hard copy and/or on computer. There are strict controls and procedures in place to keep this information safe. This includes password protection of all electronic documents, secure storage and back up and locked filing within a locked premises. 

We also use cloud storage and share point software, allowing our associates to securely store their work electronically. This service is password protected and can only be accessed by those who are permitted to do so.

When travelling from place to place, our therapists must carry confidential files only for the purpose of that specific client and must use locked document storage in their vehicles. 

We have a database of address details of our clients and our associates, which is held in secure cloud-based storage with a double lock security system. Only the directors, administrator and business advisor can access this storage and view this data.

How long do we keep information?

We adhere to NHS retention schedules for clinical notes. In adult cases, we retain records of care provided for 8 years. In children, we retain the record until the child’s 25th birthday.

Our financial records are retained for 6 years following the end of the financial year they relate to.

Our staff and associate records are retained for 5 years after the individual has left our organisation.

How do we dispose of information when we no longer need it?

When we are no longer regularly accessing information, for example in closed cases, we use archive storage either electronically or physically. The records are labelled, made secure and held in a locked file space which is only accessible to the directors.

Once information has reached its expiry date, we arrange for secure document shredding or electronic deletion. This is always done in the presence of a director and a certificate of destruction is retained.

What are your rights?

You have the right to see any information that we hold about you and your care. In cases where the information is about your relative, we would need to confirm their consent or your legal right to access it.

Your access could be by requesting to personally view the information or to have copies of it made and sent to you.

You can also ask for us to delete all of the personal data that we hold about you. In these cases, we would need to explain to you if there were any legal reasons that we could not comply with this request.

How do you exercise your rights?

If you want to see the information we collect and hold about you, you should write to Ann Huc at the address in this leaflet. You will need to provide evidence of your identity and your reason to access the information. 

Ann will respond within 40 days to all requests.

What if you are still unhappy?

You can make a formal written complaint to Links Therapy Company Ltd by writing to Ann Huc.

If you are not satisfied with our response to an access request or your complaint, you can write to the Information Commissioners Office via the website at

What should you do now?

It is always wise to check with your treating therapist or the administrator that we have the right information. Have you moved house or changed name? Have you a new GP or teacher? If this is so, better let us know.

If you consent to us using and managing your personal information, please sign the form attached and return it to us in the envelope provided.

Thank you

Becky Darnton
Ann Huc
Links Therapy Company Ltd


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